Russian wife, finding a job in America.


The number one problem for each and every Russian woman is finding a job you really like and while doing which you will feel yourself pleasant and same as at home. First of all it is necessary to read a lot of articles about the ways how to get a job abroad, it is not that hard as it might look from the beginning, the most difficult thing is to start, and as soon as you will start it will become a quite easy thing to do. There are a few things, let’s call them tips or tricks that will help you getting your dream job, and will help you keep the family, as eventually stress that Russian woman feels in the moment when it is impossible to get a job, and everything around seems to be weird. There was a lady in Alabama who tried finding a good job for almost three years, and it was a very difficult thing to do, while looking for it, she turned the attention upon a few interesting issues.

First of all finding a dream job, the one from which heart will sing and soul will glow is not that easy even for people who were born in the country and lived in it their entire life. Second of all if you were not born in this country than there are a few things that work against you, such as language, foreign education, absence of experience at local work, absence of experience exactly in this field of industry, and exactly in this part of the country, no one really cares about you, or your feelings, the fact that you are from Russia usually rises nothing but simple curiosity, and it never guarantees getting a really good job. The most interesting thing is that learning how to pass a interview with the employer successfully only practice can teach you, yes sometimes interviews are held without a certain need of new employees. This way a good advice will be choosing a few fields of activities that you certainly don’t want to work in, and to start learning how to pass through interview process successfully in these areas, this way if you don’t go throw it successfully, you risk nothing.


I agree that this method is a bit unfair, as basically you are wasting someone’s time on you just like that, in vain, but on the West (and in any other extreme circumstances of surviving) very soon you get to know that if you will not take care of yourself, than there is no one who will do it for you, and besides all the employers that are holding interviews have their time spent on it paid by the company they work for, while yours is not paid at all.

Learning the methods how to pass an interview you can do by means of recruiting agencies that work in this field and help everyone with teaching them certain techniques, due to a variety of procedures, and tests on the computers of such company you can get to know a lot of useful things about computer programs, about the type of questions asked and so on.

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And eventually while going through an interview you need to remember all the things you hear and see and feel, so when you come home you can thoroughly analyze that. Like for example when was the moment when you felt that you lost the interest of the person interviewing you, whether you felt same reaction from other interviewers, and what as the thing you mentioned in both of the cases.

The other important thing you need to turn your attention on is whether the interviewer has viewed your questionnaire before asking you questions, if the interest towards your data was not shown, than there is no such a need in new people in the company, this way you have to be prepared to the negative response by the end of the interview.

By knowing all of those tools it will be much easier to get a new and really worthy job, than it was before, as now you know how to do it.