Where is a G-spot and What Is It?

G-spot stands for the spot that every man wants to find due to the reaction of a woman to stimulating this spot during sexual intercourse.
The letter ‘G’ in ‘G-spot’ comes form the name of the doctor Grafenberg, who discovered that women have this spot bringing them to the heights of pleasure and can result in release of a fluid or ejaculation. However, this fluid doesn’t serve any purpose unlike sperm, for instance.
Some uneducated men can blame their women, experiencing this sort of ejaculation of urinating over them, but though the liquid comes out of the urethra and has watery texture, it is not urine at all. The bad thing that can happen is that these men will instill fear in these women, who would stop having orgasms to avoid reaching the same heights in sex again.
How to make your woman reach these heights?
First, make her comfortable, talk about sex, prepare her for sexual intercourse by touching, kissing, cuddling, rubbing, etc.
So, where is the spot situated?
The G-spot can have its location on the anterior wall of the vagina between cervix and the opening. However one need to keep in mind that different women react differently on stimulation in this region, some can scream with pleasure, some become very annoyed and some feel they are about to pee.

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Experimenting with special sex toys and your partner can help you open new horizons in sexual intercourse and reach new heights of sexual satisfaction.