What Russian Women Think of Western Men Looking for their Wife on International Dating Sites?


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Very Often Western men looking for their Russian bride on-line are very curious what Russian women think of them. They are afraid to seem losers or not masculine enough, because they are not able to find a lady in their own country. They also fear Russian women can think they are ready to marry any woman communicating or showing interest to them.

For sure all these fears are caused by the public opinion and rumors in the society about the men seeking for foreign partners. Society creates the image of this sort of men as the men with low-esteem, men not able to get the interest of local women, or men with low social status, etc.

Is there any ground for these fears? Russian women look for their partner abroad as they cannot find the right men in Russia. However, they are very intelligent, smart and look for smart, intelligent financially stable and interesting men abroad. If they had the same opinion as it rumored, they would have never joined any dating site. It just doesn’t make sense.

What are the actual fears of Russian women registered on international dating sites? They are afraid they won’t have success and won’t catch attention of the Western men. They just give it a chance. So, in the very beginning a Russian woman is really worried about her own chances on the dating site.

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The only fear that Russian women get communicating with different men on-line is that they can turn quite different from what they tell about themselves. Russian Mass Media likes to focus on the tragic stories of Russian women, who left their homes to get married to foreigners.

So, the only thing Russian ladies are worried about talking to the foreign men is their security and it is quite natural for those, who get acquitted with the help of Internet today. However, they feel even more insecure about dating local guys as Russian women believe more in faithfulness and legitimacy of Western men.