What is Anal Sex?

Anal sex also called as anal intercourse is a sexual act when a man puts his penis into rectum of his sexual partner, whether man or a woman.
Some people are open to the experiences of the anal sex and emotions it can bring and find it extremely enjoyable variety of sexual act, however, some have strong objections of moral and religious nature; some feel uncomfortable as they think they may not like it that is why don’t even try this sexual activity.
Trying an anal intercourse one needs to think of a water-based lubricant and a condom to enjoy it to its fullest. A lubricant will smooth the process as rectum doesn’t get wet as vagina, while condom will protect from STDs transmission and prevent from microorganisms living in rectum getting into vagina in case a mixed (anal and vaginal) sex is practiced.
The process should be slow and the receiving partner needs to be relaxed since the lining of rectum is very delicate and rough and fast motions can damage it and cause pain. When a couple practices anal sex, both need to get pleasure from this sexual activity. The desire to try an anal sex should be mutual, if one of the partners has no desire to try it, it is better to go with other forms of sex that will bring satisfaction for both partners.
Some couples consider that anal sex is a great way out when the pregnancy is not desired. However, if semen gets into the vagina from anus, there is a slight risk of getting pregnant. To avoid undesired pregnancy the couple better uses condom that at the same time will also protect from the infections transmitted sexually.

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A misconception that anal sex is mostly practiced by gays causes many straight couples refuse to practice this sort of sexual enjoyment. Lots of straight couples get immense satisfaction from practicing anal sex, while some gay couples have never tried it.