Oral Sex

Oral sex stands for giving and receiving oral stimulation to the genital organs. Cunnilingus stands for a oral sexual contact given to a woman and fellatio or ‘blow job’ describes an oral sexual contact given to a man. Anilingus implies oral-anal sexual contact.
Oral sex is commonly practiced by men and women of all ages, sexual orientation and can be performed as a separated sexual activity or before and after the sexual intercourse itself.
Oral sex cannot be considered a safe sex. During adult dating both giving and receiving oral sex can cause sexually transmitted infections and diseases. Herpes simplex is the most common STD transmitted via oral sexual contact; Gonorrhea, syphilis, some genital warts, hepatitis A, B and C can be transmitted during oral sex. During anilingus some gastrointestinal infections and parasites may be passed. The risk of HIV transmission during oral sex are not estimated, but considered to be lower than the risk of HIV transmission during vaginal or anal sexual activities.
The risk can be reduced by using condoms or dental dams (a square of latex) represent a physical barrier for HIV and other STDs transmission. Flavored latex items ere created for those, who don’t like the taste of latex.