Odessa women from the Ukraine are very special

Odessa is a magic and very special name that keeps dazzling people from all around the world. This is truly a very special and peculiar part of the Ukraine which differs from the rest. It is believed to be one of the best places in the world where one should come looking for his wife.

The peculiarity of Odessa is attributed to its special past and exciting history. The city can be regarded as relevantly young, compared to other “old sports” like Moscow, Kiev or Berlin. The last cities were around a thousand of years ago, while London or Rome were created even during the Roman civilization. So, Odessa emerged in the second half of the XVIII century after the east and south of the modern-day Ukraine were acquired by the Russian Empire. It is also worth mentioning that before the Russians descended to the present Odessa, the area belonged to the Ottoman Empire which had been dominating vast territories for centuries. Obviously, the Turkish rule left a lot of traits on the modern townsfolks. The temperament of many women is a great mixture and contains a lot of characteristics that are normally attributed to the Turkish women. However, character is not the only feature. We can even refer to the more obvious things like physical appearance. Actually, there are a lot of disputes about the race of the Ukrainian because the country has been independent only for a while. Many historians support the Orthodox point of view by assuming that the Ukrainians are Russians, whilst more revisionist ones argue that the Ukrainians, nonetheless Slavs, are completely different to the Russians. So, leaving the ongoing disputes aside as no one knows the absolute truth, we can certainly determine that Odessa women from the Ukraine are very special and require a closer look.

Of course, they can speak Russian and Ukrainian without any problems. There are even Tartar settlers from Crimea which contributes to the fascinating cultural diversity of Odessa. However, let us concentrate, for now, on the physical appearance solely. Well, if it does not look like the ordinary Ukrainian or Russian one and neither like the Eastern or European one, then what is it? Maybe we are now talking about a completely different nationality here? Certainly not. Before the Russian conquest took place, Mongols, Tartars and Turks had predominated in the area. Thus, Odessa women have inherited those Eastern features. Then after the acquisition, a great mixture had taken place. The city itself was founded by a Spaniard, De Rivas. So, now Odessa women have a great genetic heritage of the Turks, Tartars, Mongols, Europeans, Russians and, of course, Ukrainians. Whilst it’s almost impossible to find a pure nationality now, the most important thing is that the Odessa girls regard themselves as Ukrainians. This is what really matters and makes them a special type of the beautiful Ukrainian women.

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