How to meet gay guys effectively without disappointing each other

meet-gay-guysOur world is the world of opportunities. And it’s not just an advertisement slogan but reality. Just look at the number of gay dating sites and gay clubs in your city. You will see that only a lazy man will not find an entertainment or a lasting affair in this ocean of chances. But in fact, it’s just an illusion. Dating is an art, because people are not just robots supposed to please us and meet our egoistic needs; they are all very different and complicated. One should understand himself well and consider people’s differences when he is asking another guy out for a date. So here are some of the gay dating tips we hoped to help you with:

  1. There should be a good balance between an introverted and extroverted nature of two partners if that is the case. If your meeting is meant to be a true date and not just average looking to hookup, consider this aspect well. Maybe you prefer to enjoy a small cosy space such as a home cinema or a quiet tea house, while your mate feels good only in spacious bars or on open-air gatherings? It can be vise-versa, too. In any case, one shouldn’t sacrifice too much for the sake of his partner’s comfort. It can be a reasonable compromise but not more. It makes no sense to go somewhere or do something that won’t make you happy. This kind of date just won’t work. The two of you should choose the place and activity that satisfy both of you.
  2. Intimacy means different things for each person. If you two don’t know each other well enough, most probably, you won’t guess what intimacy is for your friend. Of course, discussion is a key, but sometimes it’s hard to reach this level from the beginning. Well at least you should try. First of all, define who is the more sensitive person out of you two. It will be the one who needs tenderness and romance. Maybe another one wants a wild sex and it’s the only thing to him that defines love or care. If you want your date, and all next dates, to be successful, there should be a good ratio of romance/courtship and physical wilderness. It’s actually a formula of a brilliant and healthy relationship in general!gay-dating-sites
  3. Never ever tell your chosen one you are with him because one of his physical traits is a turn-on for you. Even if he is immature enough to take it as a compliment, sooner or later he may be offended because it has nothing to do with his inner personality. For example, mature gay dating is all about liking older men but they probably don’t want to be put into a separate category or defined by their age number. The same with interracial sex: it’s understandable that you prefer exactly this race, you find it exotic and hot, but a black man or an Asian man may want something more than being perceived as a dark-skinned or yellow-skinned sex toy. Don’t you think so?
  4. Don’t take your partner to the places or companies where you aren’t perceived seriously. The cheap bar where you used to pick up guys when you were younger, or a shopping centre where you ex works and he obviously hates you, – those are certainly bad ideas for spending time with your new mate. Also don’t show him that you know how to meet gay guys for fun. It can make him think he is just one of them for you.
  5. Treat even a casual partner like he’s special to you. That’s a high quality dating. Discover what he likes, from drinks to particular caresses, and serve him with those. If it happens that you really liked each other and your time together, he may appreciate you even more for such little favors and literally run to you next time! If not, just relax and perceive your actions as a training before you meet your true special one.
  6. Even if you are extremely jealous by nature and your chosen one is a super hot guy with the past, control yourself the best you can. The lack of self-control can ruin your first date in no time. The same concerns your second and third date and all the next dates, but your partner is analyzing you mostly during the first meeting. Don’t let it go wrong. He is now with you, enjoy that without jumping into negative conclusions. It just wastes your time and nerves.
  7. The golden rule of all dates is: try not to hurt other’ feelings. Some guys are just muscular sex-machines without much of the heart inside but others not. Be very tactful but honest in case you want a quick fling only, in case someone isn’t attractive enough for you, or in case you don’t like what your partner suggests to you. Knowing how and when to refuse, is also a kind of art!

Empathy is an important part of any relationship, doesn’t matter if it’s short or lasting. You should always consider and keep in balance your own nature, wishes and feelings and your partners’ characters, reasons, and desires. It’s not easy, but it makes us adult people and eventually makes us happy.