How to Have Sex?

Different people have different understanding of what the sex is and having sex can mean having a great variety of sexual activities, however, as the main meaning having sex means having sexual intercourse. The classic and most commonly used definition for the sexual intercourse is when man puts his penis into woman’s vagina. Sex can also refer to two men or two women practicing sexual activities.
As a rule sexual intercourse starts with the excitement of both partners. The process of getting excited can include, cuddling, kissing, touching, playing in order to get aroused and excited. Foreplay is a very important step in the sexual intercourse, a woman gets her vagina wet and man his penis erected. In case woman’s vagina is not wet enough the sexual act can become unpleasant and even painful for her, sometimes even difficult to perform.
Condoms have proved to be the best way to prevent undesired pregnancy and protect from sexually transmitted diseases. If a man worries about using a condom, he can lose his erection. If these worries are connected to the right usage of condoms, there is always an instruction with words and even pictures with the condom; one can also try using the condoms beforehand.

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The sexual intercourse occurs when a man puts his erected penis into woman’s vagina and moves it up and down inside, thus rubbing his penis, getting excited and having an orgasm. The same movements bring satisfaction to a woman, rubbing her clitoris and sensitive areas in her vagina thus bringing her to an orgasm. However, this requires practice and some experimentation to know what you need to get an orgasm or prolong your sexual pleasure.