How to French Kiss?

First, what is a French kiss? It is a variety of kissing implying open mouths and touching tongues. You have probably seen it in the movies or dark corners of your city. Everyone can learn how to French kiss.
First, you need to moisten your lips as it works badly with dry lips. A light touching of your tongue over your lips will do, however, do this only right before kissing, otherwise you risk to over drying your lips if you do this on a regular basis.
Second, brush your partner’s lips slowly. For this open your moth and keep your partner’s lower or upper lip in between yours, brushing it slowly to cause a pleasant sensation.
Angle your face, as nose-to-nose kissing is a very uncomfortable kissing, distracting you from the process that should actually bring pleasure.
Close your eyes when you are close to your partner’s face. Look into your partner’s eyes, but then close them. However, some people prefer seeing the partner when kissing, so it is up to you.
Check if the person is ready for a French kiss. Yes, asking about this would be awkward at the moment, but you can try re-locking the lips of your partner, and if the decision is mutual, proceed for another step of exploring with your tongue.
If you two enjoy the open-mouth kissing, then you can try to move your tongue further into the partner’s mouth and explore. Do this slowly and smoothly.
Go slow, don’t forget breathing and mix all techniques above trying to get what your partner and you like the most, not forgetting to explore, experiment and remember there are no two the same kisses in the world.
You can start also using your hands (touches work in your favor for a higher enjoyment and satisfaction), read your partner’s body language and create your own style. French kissing as kissing of any style and sex requires practice. The more practice you will get with one person and the closer you two become, the more comfortable you two become at kissing, thus creating your own style of kissing.