How common are hookups on a today dating scene

Although marriage and committed relationships grow less and less popular in last decades, the definition of hookup may still seem alien to some singles. Let’s see how common it is in the world.

Western countries

The west is traditionally considered the very center of hookuping. Westernes are career-focused and enjoy all kinds of freedoms, including free choice in casual affairs and experiments.

Asian countries

It seems Asia has always been very conservative until the 21st century. But just recall the Geisha phenomenon in Japan and the so-called war bride phenomenon in the Philippines.

These affairs were rarely committed or lasting. Today, Asia can be called the second west since it supplies so many casual sugar babies and hookups to modern western and European men.

Eastern Europe

This part of the world was probably the last one to give up and transform into another hookup scene. The westernized TV and pop culture, contemporary views and priorities contributed in this.

Beautiful Eastern European girls are a perfect hookup material, especially in capital cities. They’re in a golden middle between weak femininity and basic independence, so they’re open for hookups.

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  1. Although there are singles programs in many churches, this does not mean you should date women there.

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