Foreigner vs meeting a Russian bride.

meeting a Russian brideGirls usually have a lot of doubts whether the man they correspond with is serious or not, and whether they should already make up a plan about their future or not. So eventually the next step after the started correspondence would be a personal meeting.

So if a man is not saying “no” and at the same time is not saying “yes” to a personal meeting, or he is being not very clear about it, than it means he is not allowing this woman closer to him, and at the same time he is not really letting her go to far away from him, he likes keeping in touch with you, but not being obliged towards you with anything; and if the man says “yes that is exactly what i was thinking about, and i would definitely meet you in autumn, (and for example it is winter right now) or he says by the end of May and beginning of June”,  than it means that he is trying to trick you, he is trying to act rough and tough, but the truth is he simply doesn’t know what to do further, and is not able to deal with his own fears, this kind a man is not exactly the type of a man Russian brides are usually looking for, that is why as soon as getting this kind of answer, they usually slow down the communication until the moment when they stop to completely; and there is the third type of man, who writes that Russia is too far away, he cannot come for a reason (or a variety of reasons, such as fear of flights, fear of being in Russia and so on) and he is asking the lady he corresponds with to come and visit him, this kind of man is not serious, and he is clearly trying to get rid of the bride, by asking her to do things that he is hoping that she will not do.


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In all the options listed, only the first type of a man is good enough for communication, that is why it would be a good thing to get rid of all the other ones, as soon as they show the type of behavior which is listed above, and that is really something that girls usually do, they write something like “Look it was very nice to meet you, but i am not playing games here, i am here to find a man, who will become my future husband, and for some reason i got the idea that we are looking for different things here, that is why i shot down the communication and wish you a nice future life, and finding that one person you really need”. Everything is very simple no one likes playing games, so as soon as seeing a person who is trying to play a game, than eventually you get rid of it, once and for good. And it is usually a great pleasure to realize that it all finished than it was not too late, because the later you realize things, the less pleasant it is to see that you wasted a lot of time and energy on a person who didn’t deserved that. Everything is easy, or you have interest towards the lady and are willing to invest money into a personal meeting in order to get closer to her, or there is nothing except flirting and just spending time with pleasure.

The truth is that a ordinary Russian bride doesn’t ever communicate only with one man, so if concentrating on a man who is not serious, she has a big chance of losing the one who really was serious about her, and was visioning their mutual future. So if the girl writes in her correspondence that she already got a few proposals but is willing to meet you in the nearest future in order to come to the final decision, than ot might be a trick to make you come visiting her sometime soon, or she really is telling the truth, and if you are serious about her, than you need to make some steps in order not to lose her. From that certain moment man is the only person who is in charge for the mutual future between him and his lady, and it the right thing, to let the man bear the responsibility