Does It Hurt Having Sex?

Usually having sex doesn’t hurt. The first sexual experience can be unpleasant and uncomfortable for a woman as her hymen can be stretched or torn. When the hymen is torn it can cause some bleeding, but this doesn’t last long. It is interesting to now that some girl are born without a hymen or tear it during sport activities or using tampons. For a man the first sexual experience doesn’t bring any inconvenience.
Being relaxed and take time is what really helps to make sexual intercourse painless and enjoyable…
Sex becomes more comfortable after the first time. The vagina has a stretchy nature and can adjust easily to different sizes of a penis even to really large ones. Sometimes a woman can experience pain during a sexual intercourse as her vagina may not produce enough of natural lubrication. The nature of vagina is to produce more fluids when a woman gets excited, if this doesn’t happen a woman is nervous or tensed. Stress can cause the muscles of vagina tense up and cause a painful penetration. The best way out is to relax. If to some cause the lubrication is still not enough, one can use a water-based lubricant that is sold in a drugstore and in some supermarkets.
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If using a condom, make sure you have a water-based lubricant as oil-based lubricants can cause the condom to tear or disintegrate.