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How Do You Have an Orgasm?

Before answering the question of how it is to experience an orgasm, one needs to know what an orgasm is. When sexual excitement reaches its peak a person can experience an orgasm, this moment is also known as coming or ‘climax’. Sexual excitement can start not only during the sexual intercourse, but also kissing, masturbating or having sex with another person.
Sexual excitement has a gradual nature. What does it mean? Sexual excitement grows step by step giving more and more pleasure to the person and he or she starts feeling sort of exciting tension. All these emotions disappear when the orgasm takes place and the most intense feeling of pleasure is experienced by the individual. Orgasm sometimes can be so strong that the person cannot see, hear or think of anything at this particular moment. Orgasms doesn’t last more than several seconds, but feelings and emotions connected to it last much longer. Continue reading How Do You Have an Orgasm?

What is Sex?

A word ‘sex’ stands for the number of sexual activities; this notion can mean different things to different individuals. Usually, the word sex is used to denote a penetrative sexual intercourse, implying an act where a man inserts his penis into vagina or anus of his sexual partner.
At the same time many people name other sexual activities including oral sex or mutual masturbation a sexual intercourse. The word ‘sex’ implies not only a physical act, but can involve strong feelings and emotions and be of much significance in dating part of life. Every person implies his/her meaning in the word ‘sex’.

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